By Clive Wright

The Ultimate List of Seed Oil Free Snacks (Australian Edition)

Picture this. It’s 2023 and you still can’t find a section of products that are 'vegetable oil free’ in any major supermarket or health food store. When you search the term 'seed oil free' on an online health food marketplace, it brings up results for ‘black seed oil’ and ‘hemp seed oil’. No disrespect. Just not exactly what you're looking for.

Yes, there are readily available vegan, paleo, keto, organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and grain-free options. Great. But where are the seed oil free snacks at? We’ve got you covered.

This is the ultimate list for your next summer road trip, holiday with the kids, or 3pm reach-in-the-office-drawer. Totally guilt-free (even the chocolates). Read on for what you need. All snacks are made in Australia or available in Australia. All snacks are made with ingredients that replace traditional vegetable oils in recipes.

Why is seed oil bad?

If you’re new around here, check out why seed oils can do you more harm than good. Then, get ready to forget every snack you’ve ever loved before. This list will convert you for good.

Traditionally, fats were for human consumption, and oils for industrial consumption. We used fats for cooking and skincare, and oils as engine lubricants and paint varnishes.

The main difference between oils and fats is that fats contain more saturated fat whereas oils have more unsaturated fat, especially the polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) variety.

As such, fats are more stable when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. Based on this, the most stable, nutrient-dense fats for cooking are tallow, butter, ghee, lard, duck fat, and coconut and palm oils (when sustainably harvested). This is why chips made with olive oil are often considered healthier, and soy-lecithin free chocolate is also considered a healthier occasional treat (and palatable for those with soy allergies!).

When consumed, PUFAs have been linked to slowing the metabolism, encouraging estrogen dominance and driving inflammation. It’s any wonder what they may be doing to our skin health, considering skin is our body’s biggest organ. At TUTTOFARE, from food to skincare, we're focused on making sure what we consume has biochemical justification and is evolutionarily consistent.

Chocolate bars

Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate 

The problem with most chocolate, even the craft varieties, is the soy lecithin, which is derived from raw soybeans and extracted using a chemical solvent. Some chocolate makers will bring out individual products without soy lecithin. Few brands are as clever as Alter Eco to avoid soy lecithin altogether, as well as source Fair Trade, organic, regenerative ingredients. And it tastes even better. The main ingredient is organic cocoa beans, followed by organic cocoa butter. Find an Aussie stockist of their delicious organic chocolate here (our favourites are Burnt Caramel and Mint Blackout Organic Chocolate). 

Monsieur Truffe Dark Chocolate

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was made somewhere in the Swiss Alps. In fact, Monsieur Truffe is born and made in Melbourne, first launching at our local Prahran Market in 2006. Using only the finest-quality ingredients, with a focus on transparency from the cocoa butter sourced through to sustainable packaging, a Monsieur Truffe dark chocolate bar tastes phenomenal and does even better. This is pure chocolate, without any soy lecithin. Order online today or find in 100+ stockists across Australia. 

Loving Earth Dark Chocolate

A pioneer in the sustainably-sourced chocolate bar, Australian-made Loving Earth is good for you and the planet. Loving Earth sources cocoa from the Peruvian Amazon, working with the same co-op since 2015. Made primarily with virgin cocoa butter, raw nuts, and coconut nectar, Loving Earth dark chocolate is suitable for sustainably-minded people from all walks of life. No emulsifier or soy lecithin, offering chocolates that are also dairy-free made without milk. They also have mini bars if you can't decide. Buy direct from their Australian online store.

Loving Earth dark chocolate is seed oil free and made in Melbourne, Australia like TUTTOFARE

Protein and nut bars

Chief Nutrition Collagen Bars

Free from artificial thickeners, fillers, preservatives, sweeteners and sugar alcohols. Chief means no more choosing between clean ingredients and protein-rich snacks. Unlike other protein bars, which will often use whey, which can be difficult to digest, or soy or pea protein, Chief uses grass fed beef collagen. The consistency is second-to-none and they taste so much better for it. What we love the most is that Chief supports Thankful for Farmers with every purchase. Support the team and buy direct today.

Blue Dinosaur Bars

Our favourite is the Lamington. The best part? It’s not a far cry from the original. But, you can have it any time of the day and not feel a crash afterwards. Made with a short list of organic and raw ingredients, it ticks our boxes at TUTTOFARE. One of those rare snacks that markets towards kids, but it's actually worthy of doing so. Nutritionally balanced, it’s the perfect treat when you need something that’s sweet but a little more than fruit. Buy it from the team at Blue Dinosaur online.

Googys Protein & Collagen Bars

When team TUTTOFARE is on the go, we live off Googys. The protein bars and collagen bars alike have everything you’ve been searching for in a snack. Also made in Melbourne, the brand has nailed the ingredient list to 10 and under for almost all products, while still giving you everything you want and what your body needs. The protein of choice is egg white, which proves a neutral base to pair with any flavour. Our favourites are the Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry. Replace your seed oil-laden protein bars and stock up on a carton of Googys today.

Seed oil free and keto protein bars by Googys made in Australia

Savoury snack foods

Pascals Pork Scratchings

It's the triple-threat: Preservative-free, seed oil-free, and gluten-free. Pascal’s Pork Scratchings uses only 100% prime hand-cut Australian pork rind slow-cooked in pork lard, with added salt. As a snack, it rivals even the best crackle from a traditional pork roast. Support another local Aussie family business.

Barbell Food Co. Air Dried Steak

If you've ever tried beef jerky and swore you would never try it again. Try this. Beef jerky takes a whole new meaning with Barbell's Air Dried Steak, which lives up to its name. Free from preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy and sugar, you can choose the classic variety, or spice it up with a spice blend. Shop online with Barbell today.

Boulder Canyon Olive Oil Sea Salt Potato Chips

Not Australian, but a notable mention too good to miss. Just like those crisp chips that we all grew up eating, except cooked in 100% pure olive oil. Boulder Canyon chips are so good that major confectionary brands are trying to replicate what they're doing to varying success. Buy Boulder from Harris Farm Markets and you'll never look back.

Serious Food Co. Popcorn

Brought to you by our Kiwi friends, Serious Food Co. Popcorn is made with, you guessed it, popcorn and coconut oil, with just a handful of other ingredients. No, it doesn't taste like coconut oil, but the balance of ingredients definitely gives this popcorn a lighter, fluffier taste than what you'd pull out of the microwave or get from the cinemas. It's perfect for when you're on the go and don't have time to make the real thing. In Australia, you can buy online from Goodness Me.

Serious Popcorn is made without seed oils in New Zealand. It contains no nasties. Made with coconut oil.

Seed oil free can be easy

Labels can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out with a seed oil-free eating pattern. Hopefully, this list can help you out.

It's difficult to find no seed oil restaurants and fast food without seed oils, but armed with a list like this, you can whip out delicious, nutritious snacks, fast.

While snack or convenience foods are never intended to replace proper meals or provide sustained nutrition, healthier alternatives can be helpful to keep as backup, for when you're on the go, or for an occasional treat. 

Share a tip

Know another soy free chocolate bar, snack with healthy fats, or something else you'd like to see added to this list? Get in touch with us if any of your favourites are missing. As with anything in life, it's always a work in progress!

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